Recall of French baby dairy food extended to 83 countries

PARIS — The mind of French dairy company Lactalis states that the recall of baby dairy food due to a salmonella scare continues to be extended to 83 countries from around 30.

Within an interview with French weekly Le Journal du Dimanche, obama of Lactalis, Emmanuel Besnier, stated which more than 12 million boxes of infant dairy food are actually concerned. They represent all lots in the Lactalis factory in Craon, northwest France, in which the salmonella bacteria is discovered in December.

The move uses Besnier met Friday with France’s economy minister — along with a bungled recall operation whose responsibility remains unclear.

The paper stated 35 babies were identified as having salmonella in France, one out of The country along with a possible situation in A holiday in greece.

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Army vet suing after finding scalpel left in body for a long time

This X-ray image supplied by the lawyer for Glenford Turner, of Bridgeport, Ct., shows a scalpel that Turner claims remained inside him after going under the knife in 2013 .

Thanks to FAXON Law Group via AP

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — A Military veteran is suing a Veterans Matters (Veterans administration) Hospital in Connecticut after he states someone created a scalpel inside him after surgery, also it was just discovered years later, after he endured from lengthy-term abdominal discomfort. Glenford Turner, of Bridgeport, sued the Veterans administration in U.S. District Court a week ago.

Based on court papers, Turner had surgery in the Veterans administration hospital in West Haven in 2013.

Nearly 4 years later, he returned towards the Veterans administration with dizziness and severe abdominal discomfort. An X-Ray demonstrated there is a scalpel inside his body.

Turner needed to undergo surgery to get rid of the instrument, and the lawyer, Joel Faxon, states doctors confirmed it had been exactly the same scalpel.

“It’s shocking that to acquire that service the Veterans administration thanked him by deploying a rookie surgical student to do the surgery who demonstrated an incomprehensive degree of incompetence by losing the scalpel in Mr. Turner’s abdomen and never bothering to locate it,” Faxon stated inside a statement on Monday, based on CBS affiliate WFSB-TV.  

Faxon stated it had been “unconscionable that any hospital — particularly one serving our U . s . States’ veterans — could be so aimless within the care they offer.” The Veterans administration didn’t immediately return messages Monday.

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Why you need to never attempt to stifle your sneeze

Have you ever attempted to stifle a sneeze by pinching onto your nose and shutting the mouth area, doctors are providing a cautionary tale for why you need to stop. Following a man within the U.K. ruptured the rear of his throat throughout the maneuver, he remained not able to swallow coupled with difficulty speaking for several days.

A person’s doctors detail the incident within the latest issue of BMJ Situation Reports.

The 34-year-old man found the er at the College Hospitals of Leicester with painful swelling in the neck and a general change in his voice following a powerful sneeze.

He described a “popping sensation” in the neck and stated the swelling started “after he attempted to prevent a sneeze by pinching the nose and holding his mouth closed,” the doctors write.

The individual didn’t have good reputation for trauma and stated he had not eaten anything sharp. Doctors accepted him towards the hospital and began treatment with antibiotics. He seemed to be put on a feeding tube.

After 7 days, a test demonstrated the swelling subsided. The feeding tube was removed and also the patient was placed on a gentle diet without any problems.

In a two-month follow-up, the person didn’t present any more complications.

The authors warn that although this situation is extremely rare, you’ll be able to harm yourself from attempting to stifle a sneeze.

“Halting sneezing via blocking [the] nostrils and mouth is really a harmful maneuver, and really should be prevented,” they warn.

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6-year-old boy dies of rabies after being scratched by infected bat

ORLANDO, Fla. — A 6-year-old Florida boy has died from rabies he contracted after being scratched by an infected bat. The daddy of Ryker Roque told NBC News the boy died Sunday in an Orlando hospital. 

Father Henry Roque stated he’d found an ill bat, place it inside a bucket and told his boy to not touch it, but he did and it was scratched. 

He stated he washed the wound completely but did not go ahead and take boy towards the hospital while he cried as he was told he’d get shots.

About not much later, the boy developed numb fingers along with a headache and the parents required him for medical therapy.

Rabies is nearly always fatal once signs and symptoms develop. A vaccine given following a wound before signs and symptoms more often than not prevents the condition.

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CVS promotes truth-in-advertising for beauty items

CVS Health is announcing a significant alternation in the way you look for beauty items. The country’s leading pharmacy chain will state customers if certain advertisements for products were digitally altered. A unique watermark will reveal imagery without material changes.

Individuals products include makeup and skincare products, where photos are edited to regulate an individual’s size, shape or skin tone.

Helena Foulkes, executive v . p . of CVS Health insurance and president of CVS Pharmacy, told “CBS Today” the new initiative is associated with how women consume media.

“A few statistics that actually hit us is the fact that 80 % of ladies feel worse about themselves after searching at beauty ads, and 42 percent of women in grades one through three wish to be thinner,” Foulkes stated. “For all of us, like a big healthcare company, we felt it was any adverse health issue. Actually, the Ama has stated that propagation of impractical body imagery is hurting our overall health.”

CVS will append a “beauty mark” to imagery in the stores that is not digitally altered.


A brand new initiative through the CVS chain of pharmacies will indicate whether imagery promoting beauty items continues to be digitally-altered. 


“What we are investing in is, that the imagery the thing is within our stores is going to be real. I will be honest along with you and we’ll provide you with a beauty mark which will say we did not digitally alter it. And when we’ve certain partners who still wish to have a digitally-altered photograph, we’ll say it has been digitally altered.

“So women, as they are searching at photographs, knows what’s real, and never feel that they need to meet some impractical standard,” Foulkes stated.

She described a transfer of what’s attracting youthful women: “Should you take a look at women age 13 to 24, they are online, and also the reason they are likely to YouTube is they are saying, ‘I see imagery there that’s realistic.’ I believe whether they can visit a store or perhaps a site that also reflects authenticity, they’ll feel happier about us, they’ll trust us, and they’re going to do more business around.”


Helena Foulkes, executive v . p . of CVS Health insurance and president of CVS Pharmacy.

CBS News

“Relocate that youthful women aren’t searching at models any longer for inspiration, they searching at YouTube — They appear much like I actually do — and that is the appearance they are opting for, and not the model look?” requested co-host Gayle King.

“Absolutely. They are saying, ‘Celebrities aren’t real. I wish to connect with those who have my very own imperfections and believe that I am empowered through the fact I seem like these folks.’ It is a huge chance. and it is what lots of indie brands do so effectively and why they are growing. They are making use of this empowerment among women, and that is what we are wishing to fuel by using this conversation.”

It is the latest move among several customer initiatives at CVS. The chain (which intends to purchase the insurance giant Aetna) has additionally stopped the purchase of cigarettes and tobacco products, and introduced limits on opioid prescriptions.

Foulkes described her company’s efforts from the opioid crisis, beginning Feb 1, tying CVS’ pharmacy benefits management (PBM) company as well as their retail business together. “The PBM will have new rules in position, therefore if you are just departing the dental professional for minor surgery, for instance, and becoming a severe prescription, we’ll only help you get a seven-day supply.

“And also at our retail counters, i will be educating consumers around the why. And also the why around that’s after 7 days, the probability of addiction increases with each and every day’s utilization of opioids. Therefore we actually want to make certain when you simply had something minor, you simply get seven-days’ supply, so we think that can make an impact.”

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How come teens putting detergent pods within their mouth?

A government watchdog is expressing concern within the harmful misuse of the laundry soap. Within this latest social networking fad, teenagers are putting detergent pods within their mouths in what’s being known as the “Tide Pod Challenge.”

Ingredients within the pods include ethanol, peroxide and polymers – a very-toxic mixture of detergent designed to eliminate grime and dirt. Manufacturers happen to be worried about toddlers mistakenly ingesting them, however teens are popping them purposely and posting videos from the results online, reports CBS News correspondent Anna Werner.

19-year-old Marc Questionnable, who made it happen on the dare, told CBS News he understood better but made it happen anyway.

“Many people were just saying how stupid I had been or how – why would I be prepared to achieve that,” he stated. “Nobody ought to be putting anything like this within their mouths, you realize?”

Ann Marie Buerkle, acting chairman from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, states ingesting the liquid has a deadly risk.

“This is exactly what began out like a joke on the web and now it is simply gone too much,” Buerkle stated.

The pods are vibrant and colorful and to children they are able to seem like chocolate. A minimum of 10 deaths happen to be associated with ingesting these pods. Two were toddlers, eight were seniors with dementia.

Procter & Gamble, the producer of Tide products, told CBS News: “They shouldn’t be performed with… Even when meant like a joke. Safety factors are no laughing matter.”

Greater than 62,000 children younger than six were uncovered to laundry and dishwasher detergents, between 2013 and 2014.

The following year, Consumer Reports stated it might no more recommend detergent packets, citing “the initial risks” while advocating the “adoption of tougher safety precautions.”

Buerkle states her group has labored with manufacturers to help make the packets less appealing to children.

“Making that laundry packet opaque, less attractive, less colorful, lowering the toxicity and the effectiveness of laundry soap,” Buerkle stated.

The CPSC also discovered that seniors adults with dementia were confused through the product and also have also ingested it. The risk to kids is really high that scientific study has suggested the mother and father of kids under six years of age not purchase these whatsoever and rather use regular detergent only.

Anybody worried about the risks of laundry pods could possibly get more details in the American Association of Poison Control Centers. If you want immediate help, call 1-800-222-1222, or text “poison” to 797979 in order to save the amount inside your phone.

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2018 flu season seems hitting deadly peak

Last Updated Jan 12, 2018 10:58 PM EST

The 2010 flu season continues to be covered with a particularly nasty bug, and medical officials express it has arrived at nearly every corner of the nation. Inside a press conference on Friday morning, the CDC states flu season seems to become peaking.

“We had the season began earlier in November and it has were built with a really rapid rise and it is most likely peaking at the moment,” stated Dr. Dan Jernigan, M.D., Captain of U.S. Public Health Service and Director from the Influenza Division in the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory system Illnesses. “Flu is all around the U . s . States at this time … There are many flu in several places.”

Flu has become prevalent in each and every condition except Hawaii. It’s arrived at epidemic levels, so it does each year, Jernigan stated.

But while experts repeat the flu season might have arrived at its peak, they warn it will require a lot more days for flu activity to really slow lower.

The 2010 flu season continues to be covered with the H3N2 strain, that is associated with more serious illnesses especially among adults older than 65 and children more youthful than 5.

“This strain is connected with increased cases and more hospitalizations and much more deaths,” Jernigan stated.

This week’s flu stats are particularly sobering with regards to pediatric deaths. Within the first week of 2018, seven more children died in the flu, getting the entire number to twenty to date for that season.

Hospitalizations will also be increasing, particularly among adults older than 50 and kids younger than 5. Some hospitals in California happen to be so overwhelmed that they’d to transmit patients with other ERs.

Heartbreaking tales happen to be circulating in media now about children and youthful adults dying in the flu. In Ohio, Richard and Valerie Rieben are mourning the dying of the 4-year-old boy, Jonah, from Flu. Based on CBS News’ Dr. Jonathan LaPook, he’d underlying health problems.

“Probably the most difficult stuff that i have ever endured to complete ended up being to tell my other children on ‘life was imple’ their little brother wasn’t returning home,” stated Valerie Rieben.

CBS Chicago reported on a ten-year-old boy in the region who died New Year’s Eve following the influenza attacked his heart. And also the Washington Publish shared the storyline of Kyler Baughman, a 21-year-old fitness buff and ambitious fitness expert from Pennsylvania who thought he could proceed the condition but wound up dying once the flu progressed to organ failure and septic shock.

All of this works as a indication, Jernigan states, that although many people get over flu following a couple of days, it may also result in certain illness and dying in other people.

The very best protection from the flu may be the flu vaccine. While reports the 2009 season cautioned the vaccine may be 10 % effective – as happened around australia – Jernigan stated the estimates with this year are most likely within the 30 % range.

Experts urge everybody 6 several weeks old and older obtain the flu shot, because it helps in reducing the risk of illness in the flu and may also lessen the seriousness of the signs and symptoms should you choose become ill.

There are become your flu shot yet, officials say it’s not far too late.

Other common-sense practices will help you don’t get sick and stop multiplication from the flu:

  • Avoid close connection with sick people.
  • While sick, limit connection with others whenever possible.
  • Cover your mouth and nose having a tissue whenever you cough or sneeze. Toss the tissue within the trash once you utilize it.
  • Wash both hands frequently with water and soap. If water and soap aren’t available, make use of an alcohol-based hands rub.
  • Feel, as this your vision, mouth and nose. Germs spread by doing this.
  • Neat and disinfect surfaces and objects which may be contaminated with germs such as the flu.

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Certain Bladder infection medications associated with birth defects

Urinary system infections (UTIs) could be problematic for women that are pregnant as well as their babies, but so can two antibiotics accustomed to treat these infections, U.S. medical officials warn.

The antibiotics — trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (Bactrim) and nitrofurantoin (Macrobid) — happen to be associated with a little risk for birth defects in women that are pregnant when succumbed the very first trimester.

Regardless of the risk, many women that are pregnant continue to be getting these antibiotics, according to a different report in the U.S. Cdc and Prevention.

“Birth defects connected using these drugs include heart, brain and facial defects,” stated Elizabeth Ailes, any adverse health researcher in the CDC and lead author from the report.

A 3 % chance of birth defects is connected with all of pregnancies, she stated. “The elevated risks connected using these antibiotics is comparatively small, but significant — about two-occasions,” she stated.

8 percent of women that are pregnant develop UTIs.

“It is important for ladies to understand, regardless of the small elevation in birth defects risk, treatment is important because untreated UTIs might have serious effects for the mother and also the baby,” Ailes stated.

Untreated, these infections can result in babies born in a low birth weight, babies born prematurely and the introduction of body-wide infections that may be deadly, she stated.

Among independently insured women with UTIs, about 40 % are now being prescribed Bactrim or Macrobid, based on Ailes.

If your Bladder infection is often curable just with either of those drugs, however, they should be used whatever the small risk, stated Dr. Jill Rabin, chief of ambulatory care, obstetrics and gynecology and mind of urogynecology at Northwell Health in New Hyde Park, N.Y.

Rabin also stated these antibiotics, like every other drug, ought to be prescribed in the cheapest effective dose.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists suggested this year that such drugs be advised within the first trimester of being pregnant only if other drugs wouldn’t be a suitable treatment, based on the CDC report.

However, one trouble with the report, Rabin stated, is the fact that “we do not determine if these medications were prescribed appropriately according to modifying the dose and kind of antibiotic as well as on the specific bacteria resulting in the infection.”

This Year’s recommendation about not with such antibiotics to deal with UTIs within the first trimester might possibly not have filtered lower to any or all physicians, another physician noted.

“Numerous previous research has proven that expert guidelines don’t always understand into bedside practice,” stated Dr. Michael Grosso, chief medical officer at Huntington Hospital in Huntington, N.Y.

One good reason for this is actually the growing amount of medical literature, meaning more new details are available than any physician can see, Grosso stated. Additionally, he stated that doctors may disagree having a guideline.

“Although a health care provider may avoid these medications as he knows someone is pregnant, he might not go to date regarding order pregnancy testing just before every prescription, thus departing open the doorway to accidental use within the setting of being pregnant,” Grosso stated.

Concerned patients should ask their physician if prescribed medications are secure if they could be pregnant, he advised.

For his or her research, Ailes and her colleagues examined data on nearly 483,000 ladies who were pregnant in 2014 and included in employer-backed insurance. The information originated from the MarketScan Commercial Database.

Rabin asked if the data was associated with prescriptions given all pregnant women will or if the discovering that these drugs were generally prescribed applied simply to individuals symbolized within the database.

“I believe it’s premature to attract a sweeping conclusion with this particular study,” Rabin stated.

The report was printed Jan. 12 within the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

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Food and drug administration approves first drug for inherited cancer of the breast

Lynparza, the very first Food and drug administration-approved drug targeted at women with advanced cancer of the breast brought on by a hereditary problematic gene.

AstraZeneca via AP

U.S. regulators have approved the very first drug targeted at women with advanced cancer of the breast brought on by a hereditary problematic gene.

The Fda on Friday approved AstraZeneca PLC’s Lynparza for patients with inherited BRCA gene mutations who’ve gone through chemotherapy.

The drug continues to be available on the market since 2014 for ovarian cancer, and it is the very first inside a new type of medicines known as PARP inhibitors to become approved for cancer of the breast. PARP inhibitors prevent cancer cells from fixing problems within their DNA.

Lynparza will definitely cost $13,886 monthly without being insured, based on AstraZeneca. The organization is providing patients financial help.

“While there’s presently no remedy for metastatic cancer of the breast, today’s approval provides a new, targeted option that might help to obstruct disease progression of these patients,” Dr. Susan M. Domchek in the College of Pennsylvania’s Abramson Cancer Center stated inside a statement.

Until lately, cancer medicines targeted the condition according to where in your body it happens.

This can be a new method of “concentrate on the underlying genetic reasons for a cancer,” the FDA’s Dr. Richard Pazdur stated inside a statement.

The company also approved a bloodstream test from Myriad Genetic Laboratories Corporation. for discovering BRCA mutations and figuring out which patients likely would take advantage of Lynparza.

About 250,000 people every year are identified as having cancer of the breast and merely over 40,000 die from this, based on the National Cancer Institute. About 20 % to a quarter of patients with hereditary breast cancers possess a BRCA mutation. BRCA-related cancer of the breast frequently strikes more youthful people and it is harder to deal with than other breast cancers.

The most recent approval took it’s origin from research of 302 women with cancers which have spread past the breast and who’d a BRCA gene mutation.

Lynparza modestly delayed time until cancer worsened — 7 several weeks versus 4 several weeks for ladies given 1 of 3 generally used chemotherapies. About 50 % the research participants taken care of immediately Lynparza in contrast to in regards to a quarter of individuals only given chemotherapy. It’s unknown whether treatment increases survival.

Possible negative effects are more gentle compared to chemotherapy, but serious problems may include bloodstream and bone marrow cancers. Common negative effects include nausea, fatigue, respiratory system infections and bloodstream count problems.

Lynparza is marketed jointly by United kingdom-based AstraZeneca and Merck & Co., that is located in Kenilworth, Nj.

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